Valerie Adams, 2012 Olympic Champion finding a great power position with her shoulders just opening up as she is about to throw.
Ryan Crouser, 2016 Olympic Champion and Olympic Record Holder with a great line up at the front of the circle.

Coach Pellet about to throw at USATF National Club Championships, 2015

Coach Pellet performing the standing throws. 1: Non-Reverse Throw, followed by 2 standing throws with a Reverse

The Entry, The Middle and Delivery Phases of the Rotational Shot Put

The overhead shot put throw is a great warm up, and testing tool.
The release of the shot, the arm tracks through the ball, with the thumb pointing down.

The use of tubing and a pvc pipe, helps to illustrate the proper extension of the hip and upper body in the shot put throw.

The rotational shot put technique. Pictures outline key points in the throw.

Tom Walsh of New Zealand showing proper form right before the final put of the shot.
Weight placed well on the left leg, with a great right side drive out of the back of the circle.

Weight over the left leg while driving out of the back of the circle