Welcome to Thrower Nation!

The culture of the throwing events is addictive, and with this site, you will discover the skills it takes to master the art of throwing! 

Within each of the event tabs "Discus" "Shot Put" "Hammer and Weight" as well as "Conditioning", you will find. 
  • Practice information, which will provide media for technical analysis. Such as video and pictures with a brief description of what the drill is instructing.
In the "Books" tab you can find Coach Pellet's Throwing Manual, which outlines everything you need to know about the throws. You will also find a strength and conditioning book, written by a friend and colleague "Exo-Kinetics" this book illustrates that transfer of energy in our sport, and how to best condition for it.

Lastly, are Coach Pellet's "Hall of Fame", "Top 10", and a "College" pages, The college page comprises a list of college's in which former athletes are attending or have attended. The Hall of Fame and Top 10 pages, highlight outstanding performances, both from Husky Athlete's and those that are coached with private practices.

-Coach Pellet