Welcome to Thrower Nation!

The culture of the throwing events is addictive, and with this site, you will discover the skills it takes to master the art of throwing! 

Within each of the event tabs "Discus" "Shot Put" "Hammer and Weight" as well as the "Lifts", you will find 2 tabs. 
  • One for "Media" which will provide technical analysis for the event or lift in the form of photo or video. 
  • Another for "Practice Info", which will outline a weekly plan throughout the season including progressions. 
With the "Equipment" tab you will find all of the equipment needed for a successful track and field season, as well as a convenient manner to order the item. Items will be distributed during practice.

In the "Remind SignUp" Tab, parents and athletes of "Husky Thrower Nation" can sign up to receive text's regarding practice needs/schedule, cancellations, meet information and more!

And lastly, is Coach Pellet's Hall of Fame page, highlighting outstanding performances, both from Husky Athlete's and those that are coached with private practices.

-Coach Pellet